Atomic Agility

Igniting the Rippling of Agile Transformation

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We continually focuse on


Navigating through chaos, adapting to shifting goals, and achieving objectives with dense, thoughtful actions.

  • Proactivity

  • Adaptability

  • Outcome-Oriented


A fundamental and comprehensive change that fundamentally redefines an entity's core attributes and operational approach.

  • Acceptance

  • Complexity

  • Irreversibility

Have you ever wondered why agile transformation is so tough?

In our struggle, we aimed for substance over appearances, bearing the scars of many hard lessons learned.

So, we created a Structure...

Thrives under pressure, effortlessly disseminating self-generated Agile practices at the micro-level, fostering a macro Agile ethos, seamlessly enabling the transformation to unfold naturally.

We are NOT

  • A guide book for Large-Scale Projects or Products

  • A Set of Roles and Processes

  • Detailed Meeting Protocols

  • A Prescribed Agile Implementation Method

  • Specifying Which Metrics to Improve

  • An index of Agile Resources

How It Works

Atomic Agility consists of two parts: the Conceptualization part, which is the aspect you can see, and the Implementation part, which requires your input and effort to make "Atomic Agility" happen.1. aaa
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Start Your Agile Journey

  1. A guide book for Large-Scale Projects or Products

  2. A Set of Roles and Processes

  3. Detailed Meeting Protocols

  4. A Prescribed Agile Implementation Method

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While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary. --Matt Bevin